A film exploring life beyond our material needs - paralleling the homeless and the rich.

Rich or poor we still have problems, and material things don't feed our soul. We have a spiritual side.

I want to establish both lifestyles and explore the problems associated with each. Get their thoughts on material possessions and money. Ask them what they hope to get out of life.

Round table dialogue will be cut in throughout the piece. Subjects would include: Purpose, Spirituality, Soul, Love, Striving for status/money/things, Balance, etc.


The Homeless

Life on the streets - freight hopping, booze, month long tweak benders, etc


                         The Rich

Lavish parties, vacations, exotic cars, houses, women


Budget Breakdown

  • Music Licensing $300-600
  • Getting my brother on board as 2nd cam (www.nickdillard.com) $ depending on days scheduled
  • Gaffer to light round table interviews ~$500
  • Audio Equipment Rental for round table interviews ~$200
  • Production Assistant ? $ depending on days scheduled
  • Filming ~2 more weeks to get plenty of content (also could release "uncut" interviews after doc is released - for more content)
  • Editing ~3 weeks

Action Steps

  • Round table interviews
  • Rich man interview
  • Man on the street interviews

Music Examples