Other projects we've worked on.



Hong Potomski - University of West Florida

Color Earth hired us to help assist with shooting as well as be primary editor.


2019 Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam

SkyPro Studios brought us on board again this year to edit daily recap videos of the biggest country music festival along the Emerald Coast. We worked with a team of 3 other shooters, and about 6 different types of cameras and drones.


Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies is an advocacy organization for stray, feral, and community cats. Being a worldwide organization - we have worked with them to shoot footage for multiple projects along the Emerald Coast.


Seabreeze Jazz Festival - Panama City Beach

SkyPro Studios hired us to help cover the Seabreeze Jazz Festival while the other half of the crew was covering SandJam. As a crew of 3 we were responsible for all day coverage + editing a recap to be released the next day.


We’re working with the new travel website - creating short videos showcasing everything along the Emerald Coast.


2018 Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam

SkyPro Studios contracted us out to help shoot and edit the 3 day country music festival in Panama City Beach, FL. We filmed all day, then edited a recap video that night.

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Street Hymns Documentary

I traveled to Atlanta in October of 2017 to shoot footage of a Battle Rapper named Street Hymns. Andrew Holzschuh shot and edited the final documentary.


Comedy Central - Tallahassee Protests

Comedy Central traveled to Tallahassee on February 21st to document the gun violence protests at the Capitol. I was hired as B cam.


MLG - Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming hired me to shoot BTS and Hero shots for all of the teams competing in Call of Duty World League - New Orleans.


Jared Leto - A Day in the Life of America

Jared Leto from the band 30 Seconds to Mars hired filmmakers in all 50 states to shoot on July 4th, 2017. It's part of their music video Walk On Water, and is also being edited in a long form documentary. I was hired to represent the state of Florida.


Comedy Central - The Opposition with Jordan Klepper

Jordan Klepper came to the Trump rally in Pensacola, FL, and Comedy Central hired me as B-Camera for man on the street interviews and B roll. Watch the Facebook Episode HERE.


Carbon TV - N.O.D.R. and Roy Jones Jr.

Westbred and Crappie from N.O.D.R. head out to Pensacola, Florida for a visit with "The Champ" Roy Jones Jr. I was hired as B-Camera for the day.


Travel Channel - Top 10 Locals List

Travel Channel Host Shane Reynolds hired me to tag along around Northern Ireland and Nantucket to help film his show Top 10 Locals List. I was drone operator, camera operator, and assistant editor.


Dare To Travel with Damon and Jo

YouTube Stars Damon and Jo did a month long trip around the U.S. titled Dare To Travel. I worked alongside the production company Color Earth as 2nd Camera.


Travel Channel - The Trip 2016

Shane Reynolds with Color Earth followed host Kinga Philipps around Aruba for Travel Channel's "The Trip." I was hired as 2nd Camera and Assistant Editor for the series.